How Reachable Should a Lawyer Be?

Alexi Darling: “Marky, Give Us A Call 970 4301…Or At Home Try 863 6754…Or My Cellphone At 919 763 0090…Or You Can Email Me…At Darling Alexi Newscom Dot Net…Or You Can Page Me At *answering machine beeps*

-from the musical “Rent”

I mean, I understand that clients need to know your office address. They want the office phone number, and maybe even a direct line. They want your office email address. But a home phone? A cell phone? (Nevermind a pager almost nobody wears a pager nowadays.) A home email address?

They’re called “office” phone numbers for a reason. Theoretically, there is supposed to be a dividing line there somewhere. If you have to give somebody eighteen different ways to contact you so that you’re sure they can reach you, then it’s time to rethink your communication standards, your work life balance and style, or how important this client really is.

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