PSA Topics, Part 2

Here are some other topics you might see addressed in a PSA:

Health Insurance
Disposition of the Marital Home
Pension Plans
Tax Issues
Future Dispute Settlement

Health insurance becomes an issue if only one party has access to it, or if children are involved. Pension plans and tax issues are often dealt with in conjunction with the equitable distribution of property (see last post). Disposition of the marital home is sometimes a little trickier, because it is often the parties’ largest asset, and often one or both parties for many reasons do not want the home sold (for stability, or because it will continue to appreciate, or for children).

Among the most important provisions of a PSA is that of future dispute settlement. Divorcing couples will have disputes; that is often why they divorced in the first place. A well written PSA can minimize the number of times that those disputes end up in Court, where neither side is liable to get the kind of results they want, and lawyers will become expensive in a hurry. A PSA that notes a neutral third party and ways that the two ex spouses can address their complaints is one that will save the parties thousands in legal fees, and hours of headaches, down the line.

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