Making a Point

This article is especially important given my prior posts on consumer vigilante justice, referenced here and here.

All of us have had situations in our lives where we have been inconvenienced or damaged by some sort of situation due to another’s negligence. A totally understandable first instinct is revenge- and if you’re the litigious sort (or if you’re a lawyer), the court system seems like a natural place to seek redress.

If you’re mad about something that happened to you and you want to sue, I understand. You have suffered some sort of damage and/or injury and you want to be compensated for it. That’s one thing.

But don’t file a lawsuit to “make a point.” Some people want to get their money, and to prove something as well. The problem is that people and companies have this annoying tendency not to see your “point” because you’re trying to extract money from them. If you end up being able to make a point (through the media or whatever) after you win, then terrific. However, you need to win (and make yourself some money) first; losing your case would make the wrong kind of point.

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