A Modest Proposal: Consumer Vigilante Justice

I’m not entirely sure that all of our readers will be comfortable with the course of action I am advocating for in this article. But what I do know is that I’ve seen it work, and it might be an effective way for you to get a company’s attention if you’re feeling ignored as a consumer.

Small claims court is a wonderful thing for most people. Little conflicts get ironed out with relative ease when two people sit down, with the help of mandatory NJ mediation, and finally listen to one another.

Listening and communication are the keys to dispute resolution. If a party is not listening, there will be no agreement on anything. You probably already know this on some level, because you have called customer service for some company or talked to a representative of a store, and finished by saying “Am I talking to a wall?” I am here to suggest an alternative: sue companies you’re annoyed with, get them into small claims court, and don’t be surprised if you get the results you’re looking for.

To be clear: you can’t sue a company without a good reason, and an attorney can’t advise you to do so- there are court rules, ethical rules, and just plain common sense principles that prevent that from happening. However, if there is a real cause of action, you might be able to use the court system to your advantage.

I will cover the process by which you might do this in my next post.

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