Medicaid Eligibility Can Be Different In Every State and Even Every County!

The federal government provides only the bare minimum guidance on its programs, and leaves the implementation of the programs, along with most of the eligibility requirements, to the individual states. The states in turn put together laws and regulations to interpret the federal laws and lay out the groundwork for the application process. The actual interpretation of state and federal laws and codes is done mostly by bureaucrats at the county level. If there is a dispute, and an individual appeals an adverse ruling, only then does an administrative law judge get involved.

Medicaid planning and application for seniors isn’t like traditional legal and litigation work. It doesn’t help a lawyer very much to “know the judge.” It is much more important to know the officials on the county level who interpret the rules, and know what they will allow and what they will reject. That kind of ground-level knowledge will make planning much less risky and much more efficient, while ensuring that your loved one receives uninterrupted care with minimal financial risk. If you have any questions about county rules and interpretations, or you just want to know how to get started, please feel free to call Carl today at 609-452-8411 for a free phone consultation.

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